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Herobrine Donor Rank.

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All kits unlocked
10 Mob Spawners
Write with Colors on Signs
Write with Colors in Chat


/enderchest - Access your Enderchest anywhere
/feed - Sate your hunger
/tpahere - Request people to teleport to you
/back - Teleport back to your last location
/fly - Allows you to fly
/ci - Clear your inventory
/kit dtools - Gives you the Enchanted Diamond Tools Kit
/heal - Heal yourself to full health
/fix - Repair the item in your hand to maximum durability
/setwarp - Set public/private warps
/condence - Stack all items of a certain type (even items that are normally unstackable)
/kit diamond - Gives you the Diamond Kit
/nick - Change your nickname (and name color)
/god - Enable godmode. Become invincible.




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